About the Artist

Me_croppedBeginning with my father’s Brownie Box camera as a child growing up in Toronto, I have been taking photos and playing with cameras as long as I can remember. My interest in photography was most heavily influenced by my father and his hobby of snapping shots at family events or setting up the tripod for the obligatory group photo. My brothers also had cameras growing up, and two still use a camera today.

Once I grew old enough to responsibly care for an expensive device, my parents gifted me with my very own point-and-shoot film camera, which lasted me for years and years, and produced envelope after envelope of mediocre pictures. I loved to take photos, but was never terribly happy with the results, not knowing much about what I was doing. Occasionally, I would take a photo that was beautiful, and made me proud, and that is the reason I have stuck with it: to find the gems through thousands of photos.

Mid-university, after being away from photography for a few years, I purchased my very first digital camera – a Nikon Coolpix 990. It was the first time I had tried digital photography, and I immediately fell in love with it: the instant feedback on poor shots, the high quality of image, the ability to edit images and correct mistakes, and the $0-cost of tossing away a bad image.

Several cameras later, I am now using a Digital SLR and learning to play with different lighting scenarios, reflectors, backdrops, and lenses. I am the official photographer of Potvin Guitars, but also love to work in some travel photography when I can.

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