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...a photography website geared toward sharing information about photography with amateur photographers through photography tips and a photography blog.
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eBooks Available:

Photography 101:
A Beginner's Guide to Digital Photography

Part One: Choosing your Camera and Accessories
Part Two: Using Basic Camera Settings

Part Three: Secrets to Taking Great Photos
Part Four: Editing your Digital Photos



To browse through my photos, select a Photo Gallery, and click on the available buttons to vote, start a slideshow, or view a larger image. The ranking system for the photos (courtesy of Coppermine) can be found at the bottom of any larger image. If you see any images you wish to purchase, please Contact me and I'll set you up.

In the meantime, here's a quick glance at some of the recent changes to the Photography Tips section:

Article sub-sections have been added to better fulfill search requests:

Camera Hardware and Gadgets,
Photo Editing Software
Flash Photography
Travel Photography
Photography Schools
Digital Photography
Macro Photography
Night Photography
Black and White Photography
and Landscape Photography.

I have recently added mini-articles explaining the following concepts:

how to read your camera's Histogram,
photographing birds,
photography in bad weather,
landscape photography basics
and much, much more!

Thanks for dropping in, and please, enjoy the Photo Galleries!